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Valeo Thermal Commercial Vehicles Finland Ltd is the leading manufacturer of roof hatches and ventilators for buses, coaches and commercial vehicles. Parabus delivers also supplementary equipments such as digital control units for roof hatches and ventilators.

The current annual production is approximately 55 000 roof hatches, of which export accounts for over 95 % to 39 countries world wide. Parabus clientele consists of the major bus and coach manufacturers in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North- and South America. The objective of Parabus is to supply high-quality, long-lasting and cost effective products. This is possible through rationalised and modernised facilities and methods, combined with quality assessment and control throughout the production cycle.

Because Parabus products are made mostly of special plastics, they are light in weight, durable, robust, UV-protected and maintenance free. Parabus manufactures all the plastic parts inside the house, hence keeping the quality constantly controllable and in high level. Due to its over 15-year old history with automotive industry, Parabus has reached a reputation of being trustworthy, flexible, innovative and above all a reliable partner to work with. Parabus is ready to change its products according to the customer specification, and to even create new products of which the market has not seen before. As an example Parabus is the first manufacturer to combine roof hatch with static or motorised ventilation into one unit.

Parabus roof hatches and ventilators improve ventilation of a vehicle by regulating the intake and expulsion of air. The roof hatches promote passenger safety by offering emergency exits conformed to the EU and United Nations regulations. The Parabus roof hatches have been tested by TÜV, BSI, UTAC, RDW, and many others.

Assembly of all the Parabus products is easy and fast, because all the components are included to the unit. For roof hatches following parts are delivered with a roof hatch: dome, outer and inner frames, thermal seals, opening mechanisms and even screws for assembly.